Literature has always been a weak strength in my life, and I say “weak strength” because in many previous writing classes my professors and teachers have commented on how good of ideas I have but I am not that great in writing them out on paper. In creating this portfolio I want to be able to express how I have progressed in the time period of this course.The audience reading this, I want for them to be able to vision my struggles I went through this semester for this course, moreover, for my audience to see the hard work I have put into this class. I can honestly say that I have grown as a writer and thinker in this course, from the beginning till the end. I have always believed that I wasn’t, however, this course brought me to a good determination to continue working hard after I saw my grade for my first essay in which I got a B+. This improvement from where I used to get C’s I saw a positive energy in me to continue to try hard in this course. Since I have worked hard throughout this semester I believe that I deserve an B in this class.

Writing 10 has given me the opportunity to “demonstrate engagement with the multi-stage processes of critical reading, formal writing, and public speaking” (Syllabus 1). Throughout the course I have learned the many processes there are to understanding a text, making writing connections to that of the readings, and furthermore, presenting my understanding of the reading. My self-esteem in writing drops when I know I have to make a presentation on a critical understanding of the readings. Thanks to this class, I am able to say I am happy in building my self-confidence for being able to present in this course.

This class has exposed the creative writing process one can take in “emphasizing [an] argument, [in which] this course refines [my] ability to write for a specific purpose and a selected audience” (Syllabus 2). I can honestly say this class has given me many new writing strategies to better my writing with a more specific and meaningful purpose that attracts an audience. This course has trained me to think for myself; moreover, my critical thinking in in-depth readings has expanded to make greater connections between essays and similar reality revolutions and wars. The reading has many views and opinions that this class allowed me to share my perspective and accept others perspectives on their interpretation of the reading.

With these new gained positive strategies this course has given me I can honestly say my grade in this class should not be any lower of a solid B. I have definitely seen an improvement in my writing through the knowledge of this course. As it was commented in my narrative analysis for my first essay In Cold Blood, Professor Walker said, “clear language conveying your thoughts directly,” (Walker). My improvements are exposed through this comment to prove my gained strategies to be straight forward with my purpose of writing and audience.

As previously stated, writing has never really been much of strength but more of a weak strength of mines. With this statement, it can only be fair to get a grade of about a solid B. I will be more than proud to receive such a grade for this Writing 10 course, in which is a very analytical and in-depth class, whereas described as a hard course for students like me. Many other students achieve for the A grade, but I feel like my deserved grade is plainly a B for all the effort and improvement I have undergone in this course. The new writing techniques gained through this class I will carry on as a positive knowledge to improve my writing.

Lastly, as a closing statement, my visible improvements from last semester to this semester in my writing and presenting skills, I can honestly say they are stronger. I feel confident in myself for being able to get the chance to experience this writing process in this course.